Miracle Fruit Flavor Party


Join Us in Florida For One of Our Weekend Miracle Fruit Tasting Parties


These videos will give you an idea of how much fun you can have enjoying miracle fruit with friends and family. Visit our web site Florida Miracle Fruit Parties to host your next flavor tripping party with Jason “Pepe” and the whole team of miracle fruit taste testing specialists!

You and your family can have a great time and it costs as little as $10.00 per one hour flavor tripping party. Learn how to use miracle fruit as an aid in weight loss. Discover how diabetics use it to avoid sugar. We are certain that we can prepare a menu of foods that will leave you impressed. Our latest discovery was that sweet peppers taste just like celery. Imagine tasting Sour Cream and it’s so delicious you want to put it on your sugar less key lime pie.

Forget artificial sweeteners. who needs them when you have fresh miracle fruit at hand.

Make your Miracle Fruit Flavor Tripping Party Reservations Today and Get Some Berries to Take Home Free Just For Participating. We also offer a generous discounts on many of our one gal and beautiful three gal miracle fruit plants.

This Miracle fruit party will also share some secrets on how to store your miracle fruit for future use. We even share with you the one little secret others won’t on proper harvesting and watering methods.

This berry is fun to enjoy and also has some serious medical research being conducted on the glycoprotein known as miraculin.

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