The Miracle Fruit Diet


The Miracle Fruit Diet

“The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook” was recently featured on the television show The Doctors and since then people have been calling non stop to purchase berries and ask questions on dieting with the plant. I think that the berry is fun and has amazing properties that can be very beneficial but I am not an expert on dieting with the berry. In the meantime, we have increased our production in order to keep up with the ever growing popularity of the Miracle Fruit Plant (Synsepalum dulcificum)

So the question is: The Miracle fruit berry, is it really suitable for dieting? I am going to purchase the recently released book “The Miracle Berry  Diet Cookbook” by Homaru Cantu and see what that is all about. Yes, the Miracle Fruit Plant is amazing, but utilizing the berries as a full blown diet, this I am a bit skeptical about. Let me see what I learn and soon will feature more information and even a few videos for you to learn more.

From what I have read about Chef Homaru Cantu, he is a very interesting culinary magician. This Chef uses lasers and liquid nitrogen to prepare some wicked looking dishes. He even prepares a dish that looks like a lit cigar!

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