Buy Miracle Fruit Plants


This is a container grown Miracle fruit plant that is five years old. These are clones not seed grown and they are prolific fruit producers. Plants can be picked up in Davie , Florida. 

1 gal and 3 gal trees available.

Please call for pricing and to see our trees.
Please compare quality before you make a purchase.
Not all trees are great trees.
Our trees are spectacular!


Miracle Fruit Trees grow faster are healthier and more productive when the soil biology is teeming with beneficial microbes. Grow your Miracle fruit with Organikthrive™Compost tea and you will see the difference. Go organic with our special blend of worm tea.

You should also maintain proper pH and buffer the soil with our Special Soil Conditioner. This 32 ounce package will help you grow the finest Miracle Fruit Plants. 


Have a look at some great soil amendments that will help you grow great trees!  
Only in stock items will appear when shopping. We ship on Mon or Tues.

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